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Post intervention files, street space permits, online attendance registrations, as-built plans, safety coordination… Don’t worry if terms like these don’t ring a bell. The only thing you need to get, is a building permit – and in some cases, even that is not needed. We take care of everything else. That’s how we take the worry out of your building or remodelling project.

When we say that we’ll follow up your project from A to Z, we mean every word of it. For each phase, we select the perfect sub-contractor and – crucially – we ensure that each new phase seamlessly fits with the previous one. In this regard, our philosophy is clear and simple: We only hire professionals we would employ for ourselves. Only if they’re good enough for us are they good enough for you. That’s how we guarantee that you’ll get top quality.


No gray areas

Our greatest asset is our unique approach: at Luyten Interiolizers, we think beyond the specifications, we work with our own descriptions and specifications. This way, you can be sure that we are aware of every detail of your project, and that we haven’t overlooked anything. In short: there’ll be no loose ends and no gray areas to delay the project, and no unpleasant surprizes when it comes to the overall price tag.


The Luyten Interiolizers vision is aimed squarely at the future. The world is constantly evolving, and so is our machinery. We started out in 1969 as an artisanal carpentry. Today, we have the most advanced range of equipment. It’s an evolution that doesn’t stop. In the coming years, we’ll continue to invest in modern infrastructure, with one purpose only: to offer our clients the best range of options, and the highest-quality results.

Hands-on communication

Whatever stage of the project we’re in, you’ll always have a single point of contact at Luyten Interiolizers, where you’ll find an answer to all your questions. In the preparation phase, you’ll talk with our calculator; in the execution phase, you’ll communicate with the project manager.

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