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Our main strength is our team: 45 dedicated professionals with a flawless sense of detail. They’ll think through your exclusive project to the last detail, leaving nothing to chance. All our people have at least one thing in common: each and every one of them is a seasoned interiolizer, with a keen eye for aesthetics; style freaks who give their utmost for every assignment. They’ll only sit back and relax when they can admire the end result of their efforts.

Exclusive & unique

Of course, you want the end result of your project to look just like it did in your dreams. In order to achieve this, we work with a highly exclusive and unique range of materials – smoked oak, polished nickel, gun metal or hand-made zelliges, to name but a few. No material has secrets for us at Luyten Interiolizers.

An authority in bespoke furniture, since 1969

When it comes to bespoke furniture and custom-made interiors, Luyten Interiolizers is an authority: we’ve been doing our own carpentry since 1969. We process all kinds of wood, and we use materials such as aluminium, steel, plastic, zinc and copper. And we have our own paint shop. Our creations leave our modern production plant in Lummen for destinations throughout Belgium, and as far abroad as Lisbon, Stockholm, London and New York.


The Luyten Interiolizers vision is aimed squarely at the future. The world is constantly evolving, and so is our machinery. We started out in 1969 as an artisanal carpentry. Today, we have the most advanced range of equipment. It’s an evolution that doesn’t stop. In the coming years, we’ll continue to invest in modern infrastructure, with one purpose only: to offer our clients the best range of options, and the highest-quality results.

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