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12 December 2019

Mesa Antwerp: an interior design paradise with a world of details

De speciaal gemetselde muur achter de bar en de metershoge hout- en metaalconstructie springen meteen in het oog.

In September last year, Mesa opened its doors in Antwerp. From a culinary perspective, the restaurant builds on the Tastes of the World of the Tomorrowland festival. As for the interior design, that also has a very cosmopolitan feel. “It grew into a project with so much detail that you practically had to bury yourself in it, in order not to overlook anything,” says calculator Christel. “But precisely that aspct meant that Mesa was able to grow into such an absolutely beautiful achievement.”

Small surface, giant challenges

“When the architect for this project asked us to take part in the tender, we didn’t have to think long. This was going to be a total renovation of an old office building, with relatively little floor space.”

“Nevertheless, the assignment was quite tough: lots of visual details, exclusive materials, technical challenges… A lot of descriptive plans, very specific questions about (acoustic) floor and ceiling insulation, and on top of that, a tight schedule.”

“In terms of labour intensity, the Mesa Antwerp project was formidable,” Christel recalls. “In short, it was just the kind of job that Luyten likes to do. So we were pleased when we got the contract and could get started on the building.”

Mesa Antwerp’s secret basement

The assignment consisted of two major parts. “On the one hand, the layout of the restaurant on the ground floor, and on the other, the layout of a brand-new basement. The latter was destined to be a secret, exclusive part of the restaurant, the Mesa Secreta. Wherever you are in the building today, every visual detail is custom-made, with veneer, painting techniques and bespoke steelwork as recurring elements.”

Exclusive entry

“The visual details already start on the outside. When you enter Mesa, you should definitely take a moment to study the front door. It’s four meters high, has coloured glass, is set with solid wood, has metal-coating edges and a leather door handle. It’s a telling start to what awaits inside.”

Oog voor detail: een wereldkaart uit warmgewalst blauwstaal, volledig met de laser uitgesneden.

Exciting mix of materials

“Once inside, there is something exciting to see in every corner, wherever you look. The purpose-built brick wall behind the bar and a wood and metal construction several metres high immediately catch the eye.”

“A steel storage unit weighing no less than 600 kilos rests under the solid wooden staircase. A little further along, Moroccan zelliges beckon, and a world map of hot-rolled blue steel, completely laser cut – a stylish nod to the various influences from all over the world on the restaurant.”

Oak from old train cars

“Other important eye-catchers for this project are the special parquet floors, the black ceiling beams, the hand-crafted bar with vintage oak from an old train car, various types of figure glass throughout the restaurant and designer sofas with leather cushions, each completely custom-made.”

Let our Interiolizers get to grips with your project

If you book a table at Mesa Antwerp, you won’t just be enchanted by the menu, but also by the ambience all around you. At Luyten, we are extremely proud we were able to infuse this concept with that typical ‘Luyten edge’.

Now that you know what we can offer, how will our Interiolizers be able to help you realize your wildest interior design ideas? Contact us and we’ll get in touch quickly for an exploratory talk.

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