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19 February 2020

Metal coating: a finish with a precious edge

An exclusive interior project deserves an exclusive finish. We at Luyten are big fans of metal coating. It can make an interior design just that little bit more exceptional. With this artisanal process we put a precious layer on top of the joinery. From brass to copper and even gold.

The look & feel of real metal

A metal coating is a thin top layer that adheres to wood, plastic, plaster, glass… and even to metal. Into that top layer we can process various precious metals: brass, gold, silver, bronze, tin, gunsmoke… you name it.

The biggest advantage of such a coating is that it actually looks and feels like metal. Similar to real metal, this coating can weather and even rust. For example, it’s perfectly possible to create an aged, vintage look. In short, it can be an asset to any type of interior, both in more classic settings and in trendy designs.

Each result is unique

In order to obtain perfect results, we collaborate with a number of exclusive paint shops. Similar to an artisanal copper smithy, applying a metal coating requires an intensive, artisanal process.

By mixing metal powder with a special binding agent, liquid metal is obtained. Once the water has been extracted, the metal hardens. Beforehand, and in consultation with the customer, we determine the exact hue of the metal. Nevertheless, the patina of each finished product is unique, because no composition produced by the artisans is 100% identical.

Why choose metal coating?

From a budgetary perspective, it’s not realistic to cast bronze; and welding Brass together doesn’t produce a good result. Yet thanks to the seemingly simple process of metal coating, furniture surfaces can obtain that typically brilliant metal-finish look.

Also: profiles, handles, accent walls and other shapes that are difficult to manufacture in metal in the traditional way (because of complex corners, special reliefs, etc.) are no problem for our craftsmen.

Let our samples inspire you

We have a large sample catalogue, so you can view and touch our exclusive metal coatings yourself. Would you like to get in touch to see what we could do in terms of your project? Please contact us and we’ll get in touch shortly.

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