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03 April 2020

A modern office space without the clichés: from shell state to extra frills

6,000 square metres of office and warehouse space, with room for hundreds of employees. Six months between shell state and complete finish. For this project, our Interiolizers had to draw on the fullness of their experience. The result: a modern office interior with a warm, luxurious feel. Let us guide you through the process.

Joined forces

To pull off a project of this size, you need to have a clear chain of command. Especially because an extensive external construction team was involved.

In order to ensure that the various teams collaborated smoothly, we opted for an extra set of eyes. Our project leader was joined by our calculator. This allowed us to maintain a clear overview of planning and budget throughout the entire process.

An additional difficulty for this project: due to a lack of specifications and a bill of quantities, we only had the 3D renders and the technical requirements of the project as a basis for compiling an accurate cost estimate.

Technically strict…

It was immediately clear what were the requirements of both the client and the architect. They emphasised strictness in terms of techniques (e.g. energy requirements, ventilation, separate temperature control for each room), with a strong emphasis on acoustics.

Specially for the latter aspect, the choice was made to use acoustic spray plaster and damping cushions in the meeting rooms, among other things, to neutralize any reverberation.

… Aesthetically diverse

The client selected an atypical design for the aesthetic look of the office spaces. They went for modern, luxurious accents, but mainly for a warm feel. Not your typical filing cabinets, and far from the standard office space look.

Wood was chosen as the pivotal material for this modern office interior. In the end, the decision was made to go with light melamine with a wood structure. The other materials employed were a perfect match:

  • Natural stone
  • Terrazzo
  • Solid surface elements
  • Plaster in concrete look
  • Parquet

Virtual camping on the construction site

Delivering this integrated project on time and within budget required the full and complete dedication of our Interiolizers. In the last weeks before delivery, the project manager worked overtime to finalize all details, so the final cleaning work could be carried out on time.

The result is quite impressive: a modern office space without the clichés. Completed within budget – we didn’t even once deviate from its constraints throughout the entire construction process. All this happened thanks to the excellent coordination and cooperation within the entire construction team.

A modern office space – is this your dream too?

Our Interiolizers love a challenge. From coordination via budget to final design, we would like to hear all about your office space plans. You can count on us to deliver a perfect quote, and to meticulously follow up throughout the project.

Interested? Contact us or take a look at some of our other office space projects.

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