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16 March 2020

Your interior dream starts with our project team

In order to achieve high-end results each and every time, we’ve developed a process that is equally high-end. We don’t just make one single person responsible for following up on your project. No, from day one, we involve an entire, specialized project team. Its goal: to maximise the sharing of information to achieve the highest possible level of service throughout the entire process.

Are project teams really such an exclusive solution?

Yes, they are! Until about four years ago, we too were still taking the traditional approach, with just one project leader who was solely responsible for the entire follow-up. However, we realized that we had to shift into a higher gear if we wanted to guarantee the quality of our exclusive projects.

This is how the project team came into being: as an entire team that is dedicated to your interior design dream, from day one of our contract. This has major advantages for you as a customer:

  • An improved information flow,
  • A huge, shared commitment to your project,
  • A wealth of new, refreshing ideas,
  • A dramatic reduction of on-site mistakes.

Who’s in our team?

Once we can get started with your project, we’ll put the team together. It will consist of:

  • The calculator
  • The purchasing manager
  • The production draughtsman
  • The production manager
  • The project leader

That’s a lot of people, but also a lot of expertise and experience. In fact, their exchange of ideas ensures that we’re able to move ahead with great speed and efficiency.

What can you expect from working with our project team? Take a look at some of our past realisations.

Close collaboration with architect and builder

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, we’ll always schedule one or several meetings with the client and/or the architect.

As soon as these initial joint meetings reveal what needs to be done, a chain of command is set in motion. One person will keep an eye on general planning and personal responsibilities. For his part, the production manager will take care of daily planning in the workshop.

The production draughtsman prepares the technical drawings, in consultation with the architect and project manager, always with the greatest accuracy, down to the smallest screw. Then it’s time for our machines to do their part. We enter all data exactly, so that the end result corresponds fully to the original detailed drawings.

Who will you be in touch with?

Yes, we work as a team. But as our customer, you’ll always have a direct line to a single, central point of contact – our project leader. From day one of our collaboration, he or she will keep you informed of material choices, prices, agreements, and any changes that may occur.

Meet our Interiolizers

We’re happy to explain many things to you, but we’d rather show you how we actually work. That’s why we invite you to get acquainted with our Interiolizers. Who knows, soon they might be part of your own personal project team! Contact us, and tell us about your exclusive ideas, and we’ll tell you how we can realise them for you.

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