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19 August 2020

Renovating an historical notarial property: eye for the smallest detail

We collaborated with more than 30 construction companies to perform a major office renovation at a large notarial property in Brussels. This was an extensive project that took more than 12 months to complete, and for which nothing was left to chance. Even the smallest detail had to be right. Project manager Brenda talks about what has been our largest project to date.

Circulation and isolation

“This immense building required total renovation, for which we based ourselves entirely on the architect’s plans,” Brenda says. “The client’s principal request was to optimise the traffic flow between the historical part of the notary’s office and the rear building, which had been added later. Those two parts were connected via a tangle of stairs and corridors that didn’t make sense. Also, the existing interior had to be upgraded, and efficient acoustic isolation and modern technology had to be integrated into the building. All this had to happen without infringing on its historical character.”

Multiple phases

“The renovation proceeded in multiple phases. The notary staff continued to work on site while the works were ongoing, so a strict schedule was crucial to ensure the peace and quiet they needed.”

The various works scheduled included:

  • Repartitioning the building by removing old walls and installing new ones
  • Replacing the historic façade windows by energy-efficient ones that retained the look and feel of the originals
  • Façade renovation: thorough cleaning to restore the painted blue stone to its original state
  • Restructuring the stairs to optimise traffic flow within the building
  • Integrating modern technology, including underfloor heating
  • Replacing wooden interior doors with steel window frames to provide more natural light
  • Providing accessibility for wheelchair users

Luxurious, authentic materials

“Out of respect for the historic character of the building, we chose to use luxurious, authentic materials. We kept as many of the original eye-catching elements as possible.”

“The marble staircase, for example, is still the central feature of the building’s historical segment. We repaired the mouldings, which had partly crumbled, with custom-made moulds. For its part, the gold door fittings were chemically cleaned, in order to restore it to its previous, glorious brilliance.”

“Using Emperador Light marble, terrazzo, silver oak veneer and steel interior joinery, we extended this authentic look to the other parts of the building, especially to the entrance hall and the waiting room.”

Transparent communication

“This ambitious project took more than a year to complete, with a total of more than thirty contractors participating. A weekly meeting and our daily presence on site enabled transparent communication and ensured a smooth follow-up of the project.”

“Additionally, we consulted with the calculations department to prepare a financial overview every few weeks. This made it possible for us to always propose appropriate solutions or adjustments within the available budget. This enhanced the peace of mind both of the customer and of our colleagues on site,” Brenda concludes.

New brilliance for your old glory?

Are you also planning major renovation works? Whether your project involves a contemporary or an historical building, we have all the experience and expertise required to successfully carry out even your most delicate requests, regardless of the scale of your project.

Which project are you planning? We’d love to hear all about it. Get in touch, and be inspired by our previous realisations.

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