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26 February 2020

Hackett: bespoke shop furnishings, according to hallowed British tradition

What started as a great opportunity in Knokke, on the Belgian coast, grew into an intense collaboration, now numbering about 70 projects across Europe. Mention Hackett, and people will automatically think of sophisticated British menswear and interior design with more than a touch of class. We were happy to accept the challenge of realising their shop design.

Respect for old and new

Hackett is the brainchild of Jeremy Hackett. Dropping out of school at the age of 17, he moved to London. By the time he was twenty-something, he had unravelled unraveled most of the secrets of tailoring trade and went on a quest to develop his own fashion style. About ten years later, in 1983, he opened his very first boutique in the English capital.

Hackett’s shop needed to exude the same atmosphere as the style of fashion he had developed: traditional class, but with a hint of the modern and with a contemporary feel. In his own words: a very clean, beautiful gentleman’s boutique.

“London opened many doors”

Over the years, both Hackett’s ownership and its location Hackett changed several times. “One day, their design department asked us whether we wanted to develop the furniture for a large new Hackett store in Knokke,” business manager Bert Luyten says.

“Of course, we agreed. And so, Knokke was our very first Hackett project. Not long after that first shop fitting, the company moved to London. That move was accompanied by a huge rollout across Europe. And we were able to be a part of that story.”

“After a few projects, you speak the same language”

“Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Spain… Over the years, we’ve followed Hackett throughout Europe.”

“The store design is managed by Hackett’s own creative cell, Luyten then takes care of the technical design and complete coordination. After a few projects, you completely speak the same language.”

“British classic is also British humor”

“The interior design and furnishings of the Hackett stores are still very much in line with Jeremy Hackett’s original vision: a touch of old-fashioned British class, with lots of panelling and stylish, static furniture. Plus a predominance of white and various shades of brown. As an interior concept, this shop design feels a bit like a secret room.”

“Typical British humour is a recurring theme throughout the Hackett interiors, with umbrella-shaped door handles, lifts mocked up like bookshelves, fitting rooms with a typically British red front door…”

“Since the shop layout changes relatively quickly, furniture parts tend to be modular. For example, we can easily remove and adjust the inner panels of the cabinets. Similar to Hackett’s reputation for bespoke solutions, we provide the same service for their shop interiors.”

“Our Interiolizers travel along”

“Nevertheless, every assignment abroad involves a lot of preparation. Each country has its own regulations regarding shop-fitting. Specific regulations often apply when it comes to fire resistance. You have to dispatch different people for each assignment. For each country where you want to do a shop-fitting, you need a separate VAT number…”

“In order to keep everything running smoothly, we sometimes collaborate with local logistics partners; but for the shop-fitting itself, we always send a team of our own people, including a project leader. That pays off every time. And it’s great to see that our work is also appreciated in other countries.”

We’re ready to take on your shop design

Are you also itching to give your shop an exclusive, challenging makeover? In our goal to meet the expectations of your customers, we leave nothing to chance. Our Interiolizers know how to make the difference and will help you think through your project until the very finish – ensuring the end result will dazzle the world. Contact us and tell us all about your interior design dream.

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