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07 August 2020

“The flagship among interior design companies”

Each of Luyten’s unique realisations is realised by a top team of specialists with expert knowledge. These are our Interiolizers. They provide our interiors with the exclusive look that we’re famous for. One of those Interiolizers is Dieter. He’s been working for us in the workshop for 15 years now, and even after hours he’s still passionate about interior design.

Subtlety over serialism

Dieter came to Luyten when he was 23. He had trained as a carpenter, but he also had a wider interest in interior construction. “I specifically applied for jobs with interior design companies,” Dieter explains. “Interior construction requires more subtlety. You’re not spending day after day just doing serial work. So I was very happy that I was able to start at Luyten – because they value subtlety over serialism.”

Dieter operates the CNC machine, the edgebander and the panel saw. “Us colleagues, we alternate operating the machines among each other every two or three weeks. So work is never monotonous. Certainly not when you realise how many exclusive materials pass through our hands, often to be processed into special and complex shapes.”

“A lot changed”

Dieter had just started working for us at a time when we were going through an important transition. “My first half year I worked for the previous CEO, Luyten Senior,” Dieter recalls. “When his son Bert took over, a lot changed.”

“When I started, a lot of the work was still done with paper documents and drawings. In the following years, we’ve gone completely digital. Also, we’ve hired a lot more staff. Today, the technical draftspeople are more actively collaborating with us at the atelier. Plus, each project is backed by a dedicated team that follows up on it step by step.”

“In the 15 years that have gone by, we’ve become the flagship among interior design companies, in my opinion. And our recently finished new premises add emphasis to that claim.”

Creative process

When it comes to complexity, Dieter greatly admires the collaborative spirit among colleagues. “Operating these machines, especially the CNC machine, requires a lot of expertise. But everything starts with thinking up the designs. Round arches, curved benches… it’s not easy to draw shapes that complex. Nor are these easy assignments for the assembly teams either.”

“But thanks to our excellent understandings, we always manage to bring those challenges to a successful conclusion. If a mistake does occur, not only do we quickly solve the problem, we also consult among ourselves about how to prevent it happening again. Everyone has a stake in the creative process, which is very motivating.”

Familiar names

“Over the years, you also get to know your customers better. The fact that they include some very familiar names, makes it even more fun to do the job. I’m spontaneously thinking of Restaurant Mesa, which had its origins at the Tomorrowland festival, or of top architects like Vandervelpen.”

“When I flip through interior design magazines and see our work, I’m truly proud. Ditto when I’m walking along the shopping streets of Hasselt, Antwerp or Brussels. It’s nice to revisit your own projects.”

Passion, even after hours

And what does Dieter do with his evenings, after he’s closed the workshop doors behind him? “I cycle and run quite a lot, if possible, together with my two sons. On Sundays, we make a point of going on a fun family excursion. But I have to admit it’s difficult to let go of my work. It’s a passion, even after hours. On the side, I make and install cupboards. But that’s more of a hobby, actually. And I read interior design magazines to keep up with what’s going on, so I can pass on some tips to my colleagues now and then (laughs).”

Are you passionate about subtlety?

As an Interiolizer, you’re faced with ‘beautiful challenges’ every day. No two projects are exactly the same. Are you, like Dieter, passionate about subtle design over serial work? Do you see yourself giving your best to work in our workshop? Why don’t you go to our jobs page to apply – right now!

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